Saturday, March 23, 2013

The biggest misconceptions about using an Interior Designer and the truth revealed!

Using an Interior Designer can save you valuable time, energy, and costly mistakes.  Here are a few of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to using an Interior Designer.

  1. I could use a designer for my entire house, but I really can only afford to do one room right now.  It will be better if I just wait until I can do the entire house.  Ayse Lewis Interior Design can set up long term plan based on your goals and your budget and continue with the project overtime.  It is better to begin, atleast with a consultation so you can get excited about your space, instead of overwhelmed.
  2. I am too busy to commit to using a designer right now.  Ayse Lewis Interior Design can do an entire room or house layout based on just photographs if that is more convenient for you.  The entire project can be done via skype or facetime so regardless of where you are, we can be right there with you even across the country.
  3. It would be nice to use a designer, but it's not something I could ever afford.  By using Ayse Lewis Interior Design you will actually be saving money from making mistakes that will end up costing you in the long run.  Ayse Lewis Interior Design can work with your budget to create an amazing space you will adore.
  4. It takes too long and I need furniture now; it's easier if I just order from a furniture store.  For a comparable price Ayse Lewis Interior Design can provide you a custom piece of furniture; exactly the model, color and fabric you have in mind, instead of having to select from the 5 models a furniture store is going to carry.  We can order and have delivered in almost the same time a far superior custom's worth the extra week or two wait in the long run when your space is complete! 

Happy Designing!