Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Value of Time and Virtual Design

With our lives becoming more hectic, being pulled in every direction, and free time becoming more scarce, it is a good thing that technology is at all of our finger tips and more readily available than ever before.
Our time is extremely valuable to us, and that is why Ayse Lewis Interior Design now offers her services virtually.  Why should your home not be perfect just because your busy?  We will work with you from across the country, from your office, from the car, or wherever your life may take you when you are away from THE most important place; your home.
Take a photo or a video and based on that we can do an entire floor plan for a room or your entire home, order furniture to be delivered, and have people at your door to install drapes and furnishings all done virtually.  We can even set up consultations via skype or facetime, so if being busy is the reason you have put your homes decor on the back burner, we are here to help!
I am always available to discuss all of your design needs at 855-393-9423 or email at
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