Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Design and Declutter

With spring in the air, what better time time to declutter your interior space.

Here are some tips to follow for organizing your family room.....

1.)  Set things up in groups.  By stacking magazines and grouping candles or photographs together it makes sense of a table or ottoman.  Picture frames are best placed at an angle facing the entry way of the room.

2.)  Put a few similiar colored focal points in the room such as a red candle, a red blanket, and a red picture frame which will create a flow to the room and keep your eyes on those items, instead of any cluttered or unwanted items in the room.

3.)  Create a functional space. Stack photo albums and magazines next to a couch or chair so that they can actually be viewed.  Put a serving platter on the ottoman or end table where you can put the tv remotes, and cell phones so they aren't just laying around but instead have a place.

4.) Most importantly remove any items that shouldn't be in the room.  Create a spot for bills and mail in a drawer or shelf where they are out of sight but you can still get to them.  

Having a space around you thats inviting and organized will create a feeling of balance internally which at the end of the day we are all searching for....who knew instead of yoga and eating right, we could just clean up our room and get the same results!

Happy Designing!!

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