Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Shades Of Winter; Color And How It Affects Our Mood.

While our mood may be effected by the winter palette of grayish hues outside, what better time to spruce up our interiors with color to brighten our mood and our sights.  Let's take a look at colors and how they affect our mood..

Red: raises the energy in a room
Yellow: brings cheerfulness
Blue: relaxes and calms

Green: is soothing to the eye
Purple: creates drama
Orange: brings excitement
Crimson: causes irritability

You don't have to paint an entire room to have the effect of each color on your mood.  To feel energized add a few red accent pieces.

These fresh cut sunflowers add to the other yellow tones in the room and bring feelings of happiness and cheer.
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These simple tangerine pieces alter the vibe of the room dramatically.

By adding a variety of green hues, the trees outside the window become part of the landscape, and a bright and cheery demeanor takes over the room.

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The Interior Design Guide to Colouring your home: Infograph/Design 55



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